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Preventative Care  for Cats

We provide a full range of preventative and wellness services in order to provide a long, healthy, and happy life for your cat. Preventative care also helps detect problems early, before they become severe and expensive.

We customize our recommendations based on your cat's medical history, hereditary factors, age, and lifestyle.

At least one physical examination per year is recommended. The physical examination includes:

  • Ear and Eye Examination

  • Cardiopulmonary analysis (heart and lung)

  • Temperature Reading

  • Abdominal Palpation

  • Dermatological Exam

  • Dental Exam

  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation


Vaccines are an important part of preventative care to ensure your cat's protection from infectious diseases. Core vaccines include Rabies and FVRCP (commonly referred to as Distemper).


Our veterinarian may recommend a Feline Leukemia vaccine based on your cat's risk of exposure, lifestyle and overall health.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing is performed to screen for Feline Leukemia and FIV, as well as intestinal parasites. In addition, blood panels are performed to screen for early detection of internal diseases.

Parasite Control

Parasite Control is an essential part of preventative care. This includes prevention for fleas and ticks, intestinal parasites (such as roundworms) and ear mites. Controlling parasites not only helps protect your cat but you and your family too.

Other services include dental care and microchipping which are beneficial to your cat's overall health and well being. We are happy to advise you on any questions you might have regarding your cat's health.

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